We Love this recent project – Foxy Loves!

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August 21, 2016
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We Love this recent project – Foxy Loves!

Foxy Loves is the sweetest little company run by a seriously cute dog called Foxy.

Ok, Foxy gets some help from her humans in the day-to-day running of the company (I don’t think she even knows how to use a computer).

But as the chief model, product tester AND the face of the brand, Foxy is definitely the driving force behind Foxy Loves – y’see, they only sell what Foxy Loves!

Every product is painstakingly tested by Foxy and her canine friends, so customers can be reassured they are buying quality. Then, Foxy and her team of well-trained humans donate 25 cents to the ASPCA everytime a customer places a product review on their page, so they can help other pets.

Foxy barked some strict orders but on the whole was a pretty good client, giving us a free run on creative design, so we took hold of the leash and built her a great website she could really love! Make no bones about it, this pup means business!



Foxy’s products sell in the USA, currently mostly though Amazon, with customers also able to purchase products through the website, www.foxyloves.com.

Bright, clear images, good, readable information and an easy-to-use purchasing system were top of her list of demands. (So were treats, but they’re harder to deliver when you’re a website provider). But we also needed to look to the future.

Foxy and her pack of human assistants wanted to be able to add more products easily as the business grows. So for now, each product has its own page. Eventually, once the inventory is large enough, the site will migrate to a traditional e-commerce site and Foxy Loves will be out of the kennel.


You can see from her smile how much Foxy Loves her new website!

We love the site, www.foxyloves.com and we hope it helps Foxy build her canine empire – not to mention help many, many other dogs along the way.

Good luck, Foxy!



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