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June 6, 2016
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At some point, most business owners – no matter what size their company – will find themselves wondering if they need video marketing to get the message about their business out there.

The answer is a resounding yes.

Video reaches people in ways the written word never can. People who would not read a post will watch a video. A video can also convey a surprisingly large amount of information in a short space of time – whether that is company or product information, a corporate message or otherwise.

The cost of producing videos can be off-putting – you will, after all, be paying for skilled people using expensive equipment, but it doesn’t have to be astronomical, and you could find the return on investment makes the initial expense worthwhile.

Website Videos

Your first step in videos could be a basic “hello” video for your website. As well as letting you quickly introduce yourself and explain what your company can offer, potential customers will enjoy seeing the people behind the company and it can make you seem more real to them.

If your company offers a service where you go to people’s homes, or deal directly with them, they will enjoy seeing the person who they will be letting into their lives. A video can help build trust almost instantly.

Corporate Videos

The term ‘corporate videos’ covers a vast range of options which will cover all budgets.

From a simple ‘who we are and what we do’ introduction to the business, to a glossy, slick artistic production, there is a place for every video. It is important to know the customer you are aiming at, because different videos will appeal to different viewers.

Some videos will explain the intricacies of your company or your key equipment. Others will introduce staff, policies and values. Others will use an artistic, artisan approach to create awareness of a brand.

A good production company will be able to work with you to help confirm what it is you need, and won’t sell you what you don’t need or what won’t work for you.

Corporate Communication Videos

If your business is medium-sized or larger, with more than a handful of employees working in more than one base, you could find video is one way to help share your corporate message, news about new services or products or other company achievements with staff.

Health and safety, training and procedure videos can also be produced featuring your specific rules and systems and can last for years. Once produced, these can be viewed by all new and incoming staff members on induction day for years, ensuring all training is identical and nothing is missed.

Character Videos

These videos can be great fun to do, and really help build your status and presence within your field.

A good video can showcase you as a professional person of knowledge and experience, helping to attract customers and clients. It should also show your warmth and humour, to show viewers you are a real human.

Sharing information and knowledge can be a good way to ‘hook’ followers, who in turn will appreciate the tips and often come back for more.

So Where Do I Start?

DIY Video Production

The most obvious first step is to find a video production company, but you don’t have to.

These days video equipment is pretty cheap and within the reach of most people, both in terms of cost and technical knowledge. Many phones are good enough quality to film on. There are several free editing packages available which will enable you to make edits, and even some basic titles for the start and end of the film.

It’s always worth asking around family and friends to find a keen teenager or student who might be up for making a film. And you might find their efforts are even more creative than an established company or ‘old school’ veteran.

Find a Video Production Company

If you don’t fancy going DIY, or asking around, finding the right video production company can be a little daunting.

Talk to a few companies, and try to get to know how they work and what they will ask of you. You will soon start to feel more comfortable with some than others.

Cost will of course play a part in your decision, but going for the cheapest option could result in a lower-quality film or one that takes longer to do.

Ask the company for their turnaround time – there’s no point signing up if they’re so busy you won’t have a film for six months.

Check out their portfolio. Have they produced the sort of film you are looking for? Looking through their client films can also give you inspiration.

In my next post, I’ll be looking at what to do with your film once you have it – because that’s where the fun can really begin!





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